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RICPIND Rust Remover

RICPIND Rust Remover

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RICPIND Rust Remover

RICPIND Rust Remover

Regular price $11.97
Regular price $11.97 Sale price
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Don't let corrosion kill your car parts from future damage and use this No18™ Rust Remover!

This ultimate spray-on derusting liquid deeply pulls-out even the toughest of corrosion buildups on your vehicle’s surface. It also works as a great helper in reinforcing and reviving your car part’s integrity and quality that’s been damaged due to rusting. Providing your car a longer lifespan of use with nice, brand-new sheen finish that would surely get envied by any vehicle owners. It can expertly polish and clean rust on multiple metal types, including chrome, magnesium, aluminum, stainless steel and so on. Suitable for rusty car parts, countertops, sinks, bike-chains, door knobs, hines, pipes, keys, metal furniture, and more possibilities. 

The multi-purpose car rust remover offers an excellent lubrication which smoothly reduces friction and wear and tear. It also promotes a coolant effect that transfers friction-generated heat away caused by daily use for maximum mechanical efficiency. Simply spray the solution on the rusted parts, wipe it off with a cloth to deeply remove the rust and discoloration, and done. No worries as this agent is highly safe and gentle so you can confidently de-rust without leaving damages and streaky residues behind. 

Stop stubborn oxidation from spreading more with this No18™ Rust Remover!  


  • Instant Rust Removal
    A liquid-based spray-on derusting agent with an advanced, active formulation to deeply fight-off all types of corrosion in no time. It successfully pull-out stubborn rust and oxidation buildups from the surfaces of your vehicle that no products could remove with. This rust cleaner can also simultaneously help in reinforcing and reviving your car part’s integrity that’s been damaged due to rusting. Providing you with a brand-new like appearance and a stunning sheen coating finish that would surely prolonged your car’s lifespan and coolness.  

  • Minimizes Friction
    This rust removal spray not only cleans the fine, rusty particles from your car parts, but it also promotes an excellent lubrication. It effectively reduces friction between moving parts while also ensuring that it does its job of protecting them from wear and tear. Furthermore, this rust spray also forms an invisible thickened layer that works to absorb friction-generated heat caused from normal use. Allowing it to act as a great coolant to transfer heat away and maintain your vehicle’s mechanical efficiency. Making it an ideal agent for cleaning, protecting, and preventing unwanted car downtime and future oxidation.   

  • Wide Application
    The multi-purpose car rust cleaner safely removes the toughest of rust on most metal types surface, including chrome, magnesium, aluminum, stainless steel and such. It can even eliminate road grimes, dust, debris, and other air particles on wheels, tires, and other car metal parts. Suitable not only for different vehicles but also for metal materials like countertops, sinks, bike-chains, door knobs, hines, pipes, keys, metal furniture, and more possibilities.  

  • Non-Streaking and Non-Damaging
    This versatile automotive spray adopts a professional-grade formulation that is highly gentle and effective for rust removing and polishing. It thoroughly cleans and de-rust on metal surfaces without causing further damages, discoloration or staining. Additionally, this rust spray delivers a nice shiny finish with not a single streaks or waxy residues left behind. The spray can also accidentally come in contact with skin without harming or prompting irritations, redness, itchiness, and allergic reactions. 

  • Waterless Easy Derusting
    The rust remover liquid spray can take off all unwanted corrosion with just 2 simple methods. All you have to do is to spray the solution directly to the rusty parts, wait for at least a few minutes, then wipe it gently to banish the rust, dirt, and yellow staining, and you're good to go. No more tiring back and forth scrubbing needed and water rinsing after anymore. This rust cleaning spray does not emit any harsh fumes and smell to ensure overall health and safety.


  • Net Weight: 20ml / 0.7oz


  • 1 x No18™ Rust Remover
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